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In response to questions from arch defender of brand thieves, columnist Osborne. Stelios has issued the following statement about brand thieves, the Hanleys

    From Sir Stelios Haji-Ioannou, chairman of  easyGroup, said:” “EasyGroup and I are taking legal actions against a father and son team from Liverpool  called the Hanleys. They are currently using the domains and

    A quick look at the UK Companies House website shows that, in my honest opinion, they are serial bankrupts who regularly defraud creditors by bankrupting their companies and selectively transferring some IP assets to a new company and then have another go at being brand thieves. See how many companies in their lists are compulsory struck off and dissolved
    Nick and Paul

    One of the companies we are suing in the UK is already insolvent: The other company was only incorporated in 2017.

    They are competing directly with and in an era of Google and metasearch engines, like Skyscanner and Kayak ,these two domains appear side by side sometimes without colour or other context. The recent development of voice  searches  make the two brands phonetically the same trading  in the same industry.

    There are underway separate legal actions for their very recent entries in the Ireland and the US market where easyGroup has much earlier rights. Moreover, in the UK they will now face legal action for their very recent use of

    “The Hanleys will keep misleading the consumer in many ways and unfairly profiting from the easy family of brands until they are told by a Judge to stop.  As always easyGroup believes that a Judge should decide who is on the right side of the law. All we want to do is uphold the rule of law and to protect consumers from being confused as to whether the Hanleys are something to do with and,  when they are not.”