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Stelios and easyGroup on easyJet voting fraud 22nd May 2020 at 1200h BST


    Following the easyJet general meeting the airline founder and 34% shareholder, Sir Stelios HajiIoannou, said:


    “The results constitute voting fraud as at least 15% of the shares held by the three “strawmen” (Invesco, 91 and Phoenix) are controlled by Airbus and were therefore “related parties” in this vote.“If the c 60 million shares in easyJet that are controlled by Airbus that we know about, and there could be more, are excluded, my resolutions to remove the directors would have been approved by a margin of 133 million shares to remove and 120 million shares to retain. We will never stop in our quest to out these “strawmen” and prove that these shares should not have been counted under the (London Stock Exchange) Listing Rules for related party transactions for listed companies.


    The Chair of the Scoundrels gave this pathetic answer to my question about Airbus controlling shares:

    “I didn’t ask Airbus if they control any shares because I didn’t believe they do control any shares” ( or weasel words to that effect). Ask the bloody question Mr Barton and get a bloody answer out of Airbus. Yes or no.“In a related legal case, next week I will sue for libel the Telegraph newspaper and the clown that acts as a city columnist, Ben Marlow, for their article about the Airbus “strawmen” published on the 7th May , 2020. Since then (three weeks since the article), the Telegraph has not claimed truth as a defence to the article implying my assertion is the correct one. Airbus does control at least 15% of the shares in easyJet in order to support the scoundrels to buy more and more planes at inflated prices. That’s how Airbus does business.

    “I was also pleased to see many small shareholders – especially easyJet employees – taking the trouble to send messages of support. It is for the small shareholders that I’m particularly saddened because the Scoundrels will probably proceed to bankrupt the company, rendering their shares worthless. The Scoundrels did say today that in their opinion the company is able to pay its debts as they fall due for the next 12 months. If they company goes bust before that 12 months’ period ends, I will sue the scoundrels personally for misleading the market today.

    “What remains now is for me to carry on the search for the reasons behind this very suspicious love affair between the scoundrels at easyJet and Airbus. My £5 million whistle blower campaign has already yielded some very useful results, in particular, the Scoundrels’ personal use (not for the benefit of easyJet) of a dodgy lawyer in Switzerland – Marc Bonnant.

    “The reply of the Chair of the Scoundrels to my question if any of them have met him was that the company ( easyJet) “has never been represented by Marc Bonnant”. That was not the question. I now can reveal a secret dinner that Carolyn McCall, Andrew Findlay and Warrick Brady (all easyJet executives at the time) had with Marc Bonnant at Hotel Schweizerhof, Lucerne on the 17th November 2016. What did they discuss at that dinner? Why does John Barton continues to refuse to set up an independent enquiry? He did say at the general meeting that he will address my concerns. Do so Mr Barton! If the Airbus contract was found to have been made using illegal bribes, it can be cancelled and Airbus sued for compensation which will increase the value of our easyJet shares.


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