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date: 19 September 2018

Shareholder news

Museum of Brands ready to welcome “easy”!

Museum of Brands ready to welcome easy

The renowned packaging and branding exhibitor is nearly close to revealing its latest exhibitor – easy.

Best-known for its emblematic association with the travel and tourism sectors as well as fitness, refreshment and energy, easy will soon be rubbing shoulders with the likes of Cadbury's chocolate, Johnny Walker whisky and Persil laundry detergent at the London-based museum. After just 20 years, the easy brand will be the latest example of brand extension – taking a name from one company or activity – and transferring it to others.

Its brief but substantive existence will be demonstrated with a cased collection of memorabilia from the airline's earliest days right up to the present – including a special feature on how the company deals with "brand thieves" who seek to pass off their products and services as connected with easyJet.

To view the exhibit, please click HERE .


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