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date: 17 August 2018

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easyJet gets 10% March pax boost

easyJet gets 10% March pax boost

The UK's largest airline saw another month of steady passenger growth as the Spring effect kicks in.

easyJet posted a 10.6% yoy increase in passengers in March 2017 without the benefit of Easter traffic (Easter fell on 27th March in 2016). Load factors also improved slightly, up 0.2ppts yoy. It remains to be seen whether this has been achieved through a fall in yields.

Capacity (seats flown) increased by 10.3% as a result of a 7.3% yoy increase in the average fleet size for the month and a 0.8% yoy increase in the average number of seats per aircraft as a result of increasing the proportion of A320s in the fleet. Utilisation also appears to have increased 2.1% yoy from an average of 4.9 to 5.0 flights per aircraft per day.

At the end of March easyJet had 265 aircraft in the fleet comprising 143 x A319s and 122 x A320s of which I estimate 16 are in the new 186 seat configuration. easyJet took delivery of 5 A320s in February but does not appear to have taken any in March, however 1 A319 is believed to have exited the fleet, leased from GECAS which will be heading to Allegiant in the USA.


Month ending March 2017 March 2016 Change
Passengers 1 6,334,753 5,728,114 10.6%
Load Factor 2 92.7% 91.3% 1.4pp
Rolling 12 months ending March 2017 March 2016 Change
Passengers 1 75,933,672 70,761,515 7.3%
Load Factor 2 91.7% 91.5% 0.2pp

Represents the number of earned seats flown. Earned seats include seats that are flown whether or not the passenger turns up because easyJet is a no-refund airline, and once a flight has departed a no-show customer is generally not entitled to change flights or seek a refund. Earned seats also include seats provided for promotional purposes and to staff for business travel.

Represents the number of passengers as a proportion of the number of seats available for passengers. No weighting of the load factor is carried out to recognise the effect of varying flight (or "stage") lengths.

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