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date: 22 July 2018

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easyEnergy - Sir Stelios backs new Netherlands SMART meter project to cut home power bills

easyEnergy - Sir Stelios backs new Netherlands SMART meter project to reduce home power bills

  • easyEnergy to become first supplier offering wholesale prices to domestic customers
  • easyEnergy will use smart meters to help consumers better manage their energy bills
  • easyEnergy to undertake feasibility studies to expand across Europe, including the UK

easyEnergy, part of the easy family of brands, headed by Sir Stelios Haji-Ioannou, is set to revolutionize the Dutch energy market by offering wholesale electricity and gas prices to domestic customers, giving them greater control over their energy bills.

easyEnergy CEO, Maarten Roelfs said:

"Gas and electricity are often presented by traditional energy suppliers as a complicated subject. It's not. Energy suppliers are basically administration offices who act as middlemen between generators and consumers.

Energy is energy - no matter who provides it or what price is charged. Consumers are often lured in with low prices, but then get hit after the first year as prices increase. This is both unfair and unnecessary.

We've chosen a new direction at easyEnergy. Because we will offer wholesale prices to domestic customers - existing and new customers will pay the same for their energy - so switching between suppliers becomes unnecessary. We only charge a fixed monthly flat fee of €5 per connection.

By making full use of a smart meter, we can help consumers better manage their energy usage and cut their bills."

easyGroup chairman Sir Stelios said:

"I am delighted to be launching this new and ambitious Netherlands project in partnership with entrepreneur Maarten Roelfs. We both believe that few industries are immune from major change that benefits customers – energy is no exception. Here the roll-out of smart metering across Europe helps put the consumer back in charge of fuel bills.

"We will be taking on some of the energy industry's "big boys" for the consumer's benefit - just like we have done in the past!"

Smart meters

easyEnergy's goal is to cut consumers' energy costs and introduce greater transparency to the market. As well as providing energy at wholesale prices, easyEnergy will take full advantage of smart meters to enable consumers to see the link between energy use and the most recent wholesale prices.

By providing consumers with a daily update on energy prices, they will be able to monitor when prices and energy demand are at their lowest. This means energy is not only cheaper but it is also more sustainable, as a smaller percentage of energy needs to come from fossil fuels. The result is lower emissions and costs.

What does it cost?

In addition to the cost of the electricity and/or gas used at wholesale prices, easyEnergy then charges a flat monthly fee of €5 per energy connection. Smart meters need to have been installed by a network provider.

Cancel at any time

Customers can cancel their contract with easyEnergy at any time and without any cancellation fee.

Digital platform

easyEnergy's customer service is fully digital. Customers receive access to a personal dashboard, from which they are able to monitor their usage and expenses on an hourly basis.

Media Coverage

www.ad.nl (Dutch Text)
www.nu.nl (Dutch Text)

About easyEnergy

Founded by Maarten Roelfs in 2017, easyEnergy is a Dutch energy supplier based in The Hague, the Netherlands. It operates under the flag of the easy® family of brands, first made famous by easyJet. The company buys electricity and gas at wholesale prices for onward delivery to consumers without a mark up. For more information, please visit www.easyEnergy.com.

About Maarten Roelfs

Maarten Roelfs is founder and general director at easyEnegy.com. Previously he worked for UBS, The Boston Consulting Group and Glencore and he was CEO of BIOPETROL INDUSTRIES AG.

About easyGroup (www.easy.com)

easyGroup is Sir Stelios Haji-Ioannou's private investment vehicle, which owns the 'easy' brand and licences it to all other 'easy' branded businesses. easyGroup not only takes equity stakes in these businesses but also licenses/franchises the brand to reputable partners. It also collaborates with fellow entrepreneurs who want to use the easy brand under licence for a new start-up - rather than having to create a new brand from scratch. See also www.stelios.org

Contact details:

Public Relations
easyEnergy - +31 6 1526 6068 or This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

easyGroup - Richard Shackleton – +44 (0)7905 779799 or This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

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