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Pavlo makes it easy

    easyBoat Pavlo

    Cypriot yachting ace Pavlos Kontidis, is going through the best chapter of his career, finishing second in his latest medal race in Hyeres, south of France, to take the bronze medal place – his fifth (!) medal in the last six major since April 2022. The only time he missed the podium was in Mallorca where he finished fourth by a few thousandths of a second. Since Tokyo’s Olympic Games in 2021, Kontidis has taken part in ten major competitions, in nine of which he was in the top 10 and in five of them he was on the winners podium!

    The 33-year-old sailor, and last year’s winner in Hyeres, came from third place in the medal race in which he finished second, holding off an attack from Australian gold medalist Matt Wearn, who tried to take the bronze from him. Contidis also passed Englishman Michael Beckett but did not build the required lead to get top spot on the podium.

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