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date: 17 August 2018

New ideas

Thank you for your interest in the easyGroup

easyGroup is my privately-owned umbrella company and The page is temporarily unavailable

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one of its key roles is to look into new industries where it focuses on the initiation, development and implementation of all new easy-branded ventures.

I thank you for recognising the easyGroup as a consumer facing company and I am grateful for your thoughts on any industries where you feel the group could bring better value to the customer. However, as I receive a large quantity of unsolicited business ideas, the majority of which we have already considered, I ask that you do not contact me if you have, or believe you have, an idea that you intend to protect by copyright, design right, patent or other intellectual property right. If you nonetheless do so, then your submission of the idea to us will be taken as your agreement to immediately grant the easyGroup an irrevocable, permanent, worldwide license to make use of the idea for any purpose we deem appropriate.

In summary, the easyGroup:

  • Appreciates people who are willing to talk about industry expertise but is not prepared to sign any form of non disclosure or confidentiality agreement.
  • Is not obliged to offer any job, equity or any other form of reward in any company that is formed as a result of either an idea submission or any subsequent contact between the easyGroup and the submitter.
  • It is important to note that I only invest in easy-branded companies and I do not licence the easy-brand to start ups not controlled by the easyGroup.

If you are happy with the easyGroup's policies, as set out above, and still wish to suggest a New Idea... please
click HERE.

Please do not contact us if you have, or believe you have, an idea that you intend to protect by copyright, design right, patent or other intellectual property right.

easyGroup legal policy with regard to our trade mark policy
The easyGroup of companies has built up a very significant reputation in the "easy" name and has a number of trademark applications and registrations, which include the "easy " name in many countries. I am sure you will understand that easyGroup cannot permit others to use the "easy" name without the group's rights in its name being prejudiced. It follows that no use should be made of the "easy" name (or anything similar to it) without our consent.There may also be situations where a project is rejected and later independently developed by others, including those within the easyGroup, who were not party to initial disclosures.

Brand Manual

In 2005 easyGroup for the first time published a brand manual for the benefit of franchisees, licensees and potential business partners.

Download Brand Manual

Please note, this download is in PDF format. To view, you must first have Adobe® Reader installed on your computer.