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Dear friends and colleagues,

Back in 1994, at the age of 27, I first had the idea of creating a family of brands under the over-arching easy prefix starting with an airline.  I could not have imagined how successful we would eventually become. Today our easy branded businesses cover multiple business sectors and serve millions of customers all over the world.

I believe the brand is an extremely valuable asset that can generate substantial success for all involved with it.  We have therefore created this brand manual which we update on a regular basis.  Its purpose is to help people who use the brand to understand its origin, the brand values and how to make best use of it. The manual has been written for the benefit of those people within the easyGroup, franchisees or licensees of the ’easy’ brand and those considering buying into it. We have listed the seven easy brand values in their own right. Clearly a lot has been written over the years about easyJet, the first ’easy’ business and the flagship of the brand and many of the younger businesses have articulated, to some degree, their own values. However this manual is for the entire ’easy’ family of brands and identifies common themes amongst all the ’easy’ businesses. Of course a brand is always evolving and people’s perceptions of it do change from time to time. I still believe however that adhering to our shared values is a good idea for everybody.

Remember there is strength in unity and I want you, as a partner or associate to get close to our way.! How we do business, how we communicate, what we believe in and ultimately where we are going.

Take care and enjoy