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John Barton of easyJet attempts to delay the inevitable

    easyJet taking off

    Comment from Stelios
    John Barton of easyJet deploying another cheap trick to delay the inevitable by a couple of days. They must know that they have zero shareholder support for their actions that is why they want to delay the vote of the shareholders. We will correct this technical notice asap but shareholders will lose another 3 days.


    Original letter

    Dear Stelios,

    I am writing on behalf of the board of directors of easyJet PLC (the Company) in respect of the notice received from easyGroup Holdings Limited on 1 April 2020 (the Notice). The board of directors have collectively considered the Notice and sought advice in respect of its validity and in so doing have concluded that the Notice is invalid for the following reason:

    The Notice has not been received by members representing at least 5% of such of the paid-up capital of the Company as carries the right of voting at general meetings of the Company (in accordance with section 303(2)(a) of the Companies Act 2006 (“CA2006”)). We have received confirmation from our registrars that easyGroup Holdings Limited is not a member on the share register of the Company.

    Accordingly, on the basis of the Notice received, the board of directors are not under a duty to convene a meeting pursuant to section 304 CA2006.

    The board of directors also note that the special notice of the proposed resolution (given pursuant to sections 168 and 312 of CA2006) which was received by the Company earlier today has similarly not been issued by a member on the share register of the Company.

    Best regards,