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All bets are off! – An early Christmas present for Sir Stelios and the easy family of brands with another legal victory

    easyGroup legal victory over easyBet

    easyGroup and Sir Stelios have today claimed another victory in their efforts to combat brand theft against the easy family of brands, that includes easyJet and easyHotel among many others.

    A Swiss commercial court order has been granted in favour of easy against web hosting provider Exoscale (Akenes SA). Exoscale had been carrying a portal for online betting games under the domain Although not working alone, Exoscale had partaken in infringing activity by hosting and providing services out of Switzerland using the easy trade mark and domain.

    In its judgment, the court recognised the notoriety of the easyJet trade mark, citing it as a “famous trade mark” in Switzerland. As a result, Exoscale have been ordered to pay significant court fees, as well as a threat of a daily infringement fee if it did not cease. However, the website has now been taken down.

    This marks a shift and a significant victory for Sir Stelios and the easy family of brands, serving as a warning to those claiming that hosting a website with infringing trade marks and domains is not enough to constitute wrongdoing.

    This latest legal victory in easyGroup’s portfolio adds a further dimension of legal protection for the easy family of brands and marks another step in its efforts to cease infringing activity. Other recent events include victories against Air China, French hypermarket group Carrefour as well as a Colombian airline run by Alfonso Avila.