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easyGroup claim against brand thief Mr Finn Keane using easyFun as a DJ

    easyGroup, the creator and owner of the easy family of brands, has begun trade mark infringement proceedings against electronic music artist (aka DJ) calling themselves easyFun (Their real name is Mr Finn Keane) in the High Court of England & Wales. This case concerns the alleged deliberate misappropriation of easyGroup’s trade marks by Mr Keane, including easyGroup’s well-known orange styling as used by its family of brands, including famously by its licensee easyJet: The following images were used by Mr Keane to promote his own DJing business and make money with it.

    easyGroup v Keane easyfun

    easyGroup’s claim is that Mr Keane has taken unfair advantage of and damaged the significant reputation attaching to easyGroup’s trade marks. easyGroup believes that Mr Keane has deliberately chosen to mimic easyGroup’s famous branding to create instant brand recognition for his “DJ” ing business.

    easyGroup is also seriously concerned by the choice by Mr Keane to depict as part of album artwork an aircraft bearing the famous easyGroup livery in distress in the aftermath of a serious aircrash. Not only is the artwork in bad taste but an association with such a tragic event risks seriously damaging the reputation in easyGroup’s trade marks, in particular easyJet.

    easyGroup, the company that collects royalties from the many legitimate licensees like easyJet, easyHotel, easyStorage and easyMoney and many others donates each year the majority of its profits to the Stelios Philanthropic foundation, a UK registered charity. For more information see the 7 minute video on and