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Our right to protect our brand is being reinforced once again

    A business calling itself easyDrinks, at the foot steps of the High Court agrees never to use the easy brand again. This was a complete rip-off that I am sure has confused a lot of consumers that it was one of the 16 companies I have now started under the ‘easy‘ brand. I am glad they accepted their mistake at the eleventh hour and changed their name.

    Serial Entrepreneur and easyGroup Chairman

    ‘easyDrinks’ was set up in Birmingham (shop, marketing literature) selling low cost alcoholic drinks. easyDrinks was not a part of the easyGroup and yet it mimicked easyGroup‘s ‘get-up’ in its entirety, namely by using a lower case ‘e’, capital ‘D’, all in one word, white lettering on an orange background and the Cooper Black ‘fat’ font.