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The easyGroup challenges the claims of the outfit run by Lenos Trattou

    …the self-styled “restaurant/winebar/takeaway business in North London,” and has asked the individual or individuals behind this outfit to justify the claims and dates which are being made in their attempts to rights in the use of the name ‘easy‘. The outfit run by Lenos Trattou has nothing to do with, the pizza delivery company founded by Stelios the serial entrepreneur and easyGroup chairman.

    The website set up by Lenos Trattou does no more than link through to Dominos Pizzas. The easyGroup finds this very strange since Lenos Trattou is claiming rights dating back several years and the fact that his website is doing no more than linking through to a competitor of is, to the easyGroup, a clear demonstration of bad faith. Lenos Trattou’s legitimate occupation seems to be running some kind of pub in North London.

    “The easyGroup has spent many years and tens of millions of pounds establishing a brand,” said Stelios, the founder of “We are duty bound to protect that brand and consumers who might be confused into thinking that a company using the ‘easy’ name is part of the easyGroup when, in fact, it is not. Being blackmailed into paying money to people who think they can sell us what is already rightfully ours is not an option,” he concluded.