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Consumer warning about eeasybrokers

    Any members of the public who have paid money to a website called eeasybrokers (also known as Double Easy Brokers and Eeasy Brokers) for car insurance have unfortunately had their money stolen and are driving illegally.

    The eeasybrokers website was pretending to be part of the easyGroup and has been closed down. eeasybrokers took money from members of the public pretending that they were providing car insurance. The getup of their website was identical to that of which is the easyGroup owned business which provides car insurance in association with Zurich the global insurer. eeasybrokers also claimed that they were associated with Zurich Insurance but in fact it was not affiliated with Zurich Insurance in any way.

    As soon as the existence of eeasybrokers was discovered by the easyGroup and Zurich Insurance they were reported to the Financial Services Authority and their website was shut down.

    According the BBC website the FSA described eeasybrokers as “an illegal operation, a complete scam….designed to give the false impression that the business was linked to the financial services group run by the businessman Sir Stelios Haji-Ioannou.”

    The easyGroup regrets that members of the public have been cheated out of their money and will continue to protect its brand and the interests of consumers wherever possible.

    20 September 2006 – BBC news (Archive)