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Airbus strawmen should not vote on the 22nd of May 20


    Following the announcement by three minor easyJet nominee shareholders ostensibly speaking for around 14% of the shares trying to keep the board scoundrels in their jobs so they can keep paying more money to Airbus, easyJet founder Sir Stelios Haji-Ioannou, speaking for 34% of the shares said:


    “I am absolutely convinced that these three people are strawmen for Airbus money trying to keep this order in place.


    “I have spoken to all three ofthem at length -they all soundlike the Airbus chief marketing officer. They are not investing their own money, they are playing with Airbus money to force more and more aircraft orders down the throats of long suffering airlines.Reminder that anyonetoday can buy 10% of the shares in easyJet for about the same cost as 2-3Airbus A320 aircraft.Invesco always wanted to buy more Airbuses and the twonew comers out of nowherecalled Phoenix something and Ninety One something believe that an obligation to buy 107 planes from Airbus at twice their current market value is an asset and not a liability for easyJet. Which accounting school did they go to?


    “Under the related party transaction regulations these people should not be allowed to vote on 22nd May, 20. And we reserve all our legal rights to prevent them from doing so.“If it transpires that they do hold Airbus money and their votes result in the bankruptcy of easyJet,I will sue them personally to recover my loss.


    The scoundrels refuse to disclose:


    Under Company Law, we as amajor shareholder have the right to ask both Airbus and these three strawmen to declare if Airbus controlsshares in easyJet.


    “The scoundrelsateasyJet againhave refused to action these legal notices we have asked them to serve upon Airbus.The scoundrels are prevaricatingto hide the Airbus stake in easyJet.


    “If their answer is that Airbus influences zero votes in easyJet then all they have to do is come out and say so. But they don’t. So guilty as charged!


    “To repeat once again to my fellow long suffering independent shareholders in easyJet: if the scoundrels remain in place and the Airbus contract isn’t cancelled then our shares will become worthless byDecember2020 .


    “If the scoundrels feel the above statement is incorrect then they should stateotherwise in public and sue me for libel. But they don’t –so guilty as charged!”


    The scoundrels are the only aviation directors of any companyin the worldthat have not yet announced job losses. They are keeping the bad news until after the 22ndof May, 2020 to save their skin.


    Its now more important that even for independentshareholders to vote to remove the scoundrels and save the equity of easyJet.


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