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date: 26 June 2017

Shareholder news

easyJet sees 11% uplift in Y-O-Y January passenger numbers

easyJet sees 11% uplift in Y-O-Y January passenger numbers

easyJet announced January 2017 traffic stats this morning. Passengers were up 11% yoy at 4.75m passengers. Load Factor increased 1.2ppts to 86.2% from which we can deduce that capacity increased 9.4% to 5.51m seats flown.

The increase in capacity was due to a 6.5% increase in the number of aircraft in fleet which now stands at 261 aircraft. There was a 0.9% increase in the average number of seats per aircraft as easyJet takes on A320s, which in recent months have the new 186 configuration. There was also a 1.8% increase in utilisation i.e. flights per aircraft per day.

In comparison

  • Ryanair increased passengers +17%, capacity c. 15% and Load Factor +2ppts to 90% in January 2017.
  • Wizz Air increased capacity +17.1%, passengers +19.0% and load factors +1.4ppts to 89.4% in January 2017


easyJet Monthly Traffic Jan-16 Jan-17 Change
Passengers (m) 4.28 4.75 11.0%
Load factor (%/ppts) 85.0% 86.2% 1.2ppts
Seats flown (m) 5.03 5.51 9.4%
No of aircraft in fleet at end of month 245 261 6.5%
Avg no of Aircraft in fleet during month 245 261 6.5%
Avg no seats during Month 40,572 43,590 7.4%
Avg no of seats per aircraft 166 167 0.9%
Average number of flights 30,384 32,964 8.5%
Avg no of flights per aircraft per day 4.00 4.07 1.8%


Month ending January 2017 January 2016 Change
Passengers 1 4,745,630 4,276,821 11.0%
Load Factor 2 86.2% 85.0% 1.2pp
Rolling 12 months ending January 2017 January 2016 Change
Passengers 1 74,921,296 70,082,951 6.9%
Load Factor 2 91.5% 91.6% (0.1)pp

1 Represents the number of earned seats flown. Earned seats include seats that are flown whether or not the passenger turns up because easyJet is a no-refund airline, and once a flight has departed a no-show customer is generally not entitled to change flights or seek a refund. Earned seats also include seats provided for promotional purposes and

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to staff for business travel.

2 Represents the number of passengers as a proportion of the number of seats available for passengers. No weighting of the load factor is carried out to recognise the effect of varying flight (or "stage") lengths.

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