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date: 20 February 2017

Shareholder news

Date Title Document
16.02.2017 Virgin Upper Class flight review - Airline Reporter Read more
16.02.2017 Virgin Upper Class flight review - Airline Reporter Read more
15.02.2017 More strikes called at BA - Guardian Read more
14.02.2017 The longest budget short haul routes identified - Ind Read more
13.02.2017 Sabre to upgrade Gulf Air booking systems - AA Read more
10.02.2017 New airlines "no threat to KLM" - Dutch News Read more
09.02.2017 Ryanair now "too nice"! - Ind Read more
08.02.2017 Lufthansa's catwalk in the The page is temporarily unavailable
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sky - Event
Read more
07.02.2017 Qatar's inaugural longest distant flight on video - Guardian Read more
06.02.2017 Gatwick's humble origins - Get Surrey Read more
02.02.2017 Government outlines Heathrow runway programme - eTN Read more
01.02.2017 Delta check-in computer failure strands thousands - NBC Read more
31.01.2017 Heathrow runway objection thrown out - Sky News Read more
30.01.2017 Air France leads the pack for Muslim flight ban - AP Read more
27.01.2017 Ryanair targets Lufthansa hub - The National Read more
26.01.2017 AA to scrap in-flight entertainment - Telegraph Online Read more
25.01.2017 Ryanair cabin luggage threat - Telegraph Online Read more
24.01.2017 Gatwick turns waste into energy - AT Read more
23.01.2017 Fog hampers UK airports - BBC Read more
18.01.2017 Gatwick aims for carbon neutrality - Crawley Observer Read more
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