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date: 05 May 2016

Shareholder news

Date Title Document
03.05.2016 Heathrow - inverness route reinstated - BBC Read more
30.04.2016 CDG begins passenger profiling - The Local Read more
26.04.2016 Gatwick landing charges to rise - TW Read more
24.04.2016 Delta no-frills move pays off - LA Times Read more
21.04.2016 PM thanks easyJet - Luton Today Read more
17.04.2016 New Air France CEO weanted - Bloomberg Read more
14.04.2016 BP shareholders reject top executive pay packet - ES Read more
10.04.2016 Heathrow passenger numbers hit new highs - CityAM Read more
07.04.2016 Airbus admits to using priocurement agents - Times Read more
04.04.2016 Airbus warns against Brexit - BBC Read more
31.03.2016 French ATC strike Q&A - DTel Read more
29.03.2016 Storm Kate wrecks Easter holiday plans - Ind Read more
25.03.2016 Air France suspends ad campaign after Brussels attack - AdWeek Read more
21.03.2016 French ATC causes chaos in the The page is temporarily unavailable
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air - DMail
Read more
18.03.2016 Lufthansa profits get fuel boost - BBC Read more
15.03.2016 Swissair apologises for family thrown off flight - DMail Read more
11.03.2016 Ryanair goes upmarket - Gdn Read more
08.03.2016 Lufthansa flight met by Manchester medics - MEN Read more
04.03.2016 No green veto at Heathrow Read more
29.02.2016 Gatwick closed by oil spill - BBC Read more
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