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date: 26 April 2017

Shareholder news

Date Title Document
25.04.2017 Ryanair calls for new "open Skies" regime - Flight Global Read more
24.04.2017 Qantas reveals longest flight schedule - Ind Read more
13.04.2017 Assaulted United pax to sue airline - Sky News Read more
12.04.2017 United CEO's apology about turn - DTel Read more
11.04.2017 United faces storm over "re-accommodation" - CNBC Read more
10.04.2017 BA to charge for long-haul meals - DTel Read more
07.04.2017 Brexit will delay future UK investment says Ferrovial boss - BBC Read more
06.04.2017 Airliner middle seats make a come back - DTel Read more
05.04.2017 easyJet joins British innovation backers - DMail Read more
04.04.2017 Open skies remains key UK demand for Brexit talks - Ind Read more
03.04.2017 Night time ban crucial to Heathrow runway decision - ES Read more
30.03.2017 easyHotel's Old St planning appeal uypdate - RNS Read more
29.03.2017 Ryanair warns of The page is temporarily unavailable
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post-Brexit flight disruption - Ind
Read more
28.03.2017 El-Al profits tumble - ATW online Read more
20.03.2017 BA downgrades business class - The Sun Read more
17.03.2017 IAG unveils plans for low-cost transatlantic carrier - DTel Read more
16.03.2017 Southwest airlines tears up paper tickets - Skift Read more
15.03.2017 Fury grows over Gatwick night flights - Kent News Read more
14.03.2017 Storm Stella halts US flights - Newstalk Read more
13.03.2017 Ryanair baggage regulations explained - DTel Read more
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