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Shareholder news

date: 05 May 2015

easyJet board

prof_rigas_doganis375x222Professor Rigas Doganis
Independent non-executive director

Date of easyJet appointment:
1 December 2005

Official resumé:*
Rigas (1939) was appointed to the Board on 1 December 2005. Rigas is an aviation consultant and strategy adviser to airlines, airports, banks and governments around the world. He is chairman of the European Aviation Club in Brussels and a non-executive director of GMR Hyderabad International Airport, India. He is a former Chairman/CEO of Olympic Airways and was formerly a non-executive director of South African Airways. Rigas is also a visiting Professor at Cranfield University and the author of books on aviation economics and management.

Other current directorships:

  • Rigas Doganis and Associates Limited
  • Cefis Limited


Historic directorships (last 10 years):

  • Dawnay, Day Airports Limited (company dissolved 15 July 2009)

*Official resumé as posted at easyJet.com, June 2010

Press coverage:

06.09.2011 The Independent: easyJet's Stelios calls for extraordinary meeting
06.09.2011 The Guardian: easyJet anger as Stelios calls for more boardroom changes
06.09.2011 The Independent: Stelios demands board changes
06.09.2011 Daily Express: Stelios takes aim at another easyJet director
06.09.2011 The Telegraph: Sir Stelios Haji-Ioannou tries to oust easyJet director Professor Rigas Doganis
06.09.2011 Daily Mail: Stelios hits out over easyJet purchases
06.09.2011 The Scotsman: easyJet under fresh attack from Stelios over director
06.09.2011 Financial Times: easyJet founder calls for non-exec's removal
06.09.2011 City AM: Sir Stelios calls for yet another board change at easyJet
06.09.2011 The Times: easyJet bites back after Stelios seeks another scalp
05.09.2011 The Guardian: Turbulent times at easyJet

Evening Standard: Stelios call to oust easyJet director

easyJet founder Stelios Haji-Ioannou has called for a shareholder vote on the ousting of a board member — his latest broadside in a long-lasting war with the airline. He has attacked independent non-executive director Rigas Doganis, an aviation consultant, for supporting plans to buy 35 planes from Airbus and failing to predict a profit warning two weeks later...

05.09.2011 LSE.co.uk: Stelios calls for removal of easyJet's Doganis