Brand thieves

Some people think they can make a fast buck by stealing our name and our reputation. They set up websites and companies using the name ‘easy‘ (or phonetic versions of it) which can either pay a passing resemblance to an easyGroup company or be a direct copy.

Sometimes these people ask us for money, sometimes they just hope consumers will think they are an easyGroup company and will part with their money. If you see a company that you think is disguising itself as an easyGroup company that is trying to piggyback off our brand in any way, then please help us to protect both the consumer and our brand. Please email any information to and indicate if at any stage you have been under the impression that this was a genuine easyGroup company set up by our founder and chairman Stelios. Evidence of confusion helps our case.

  • Another brand thief stops using the easy brand

    Posted on: 16 April 2019

    Brand thief’s use of easy logos without permission from easyGroup and Sir Stelios forced to stop!

    Sir Stelios Haji-Ioannou’s easyGroup, owner of the easy family of brands ( ), has today claimed a victory in a long-running and blatant “rip-off” dispute with a small Bangladesh-based cargo airline.

    Dhaka-based “easyFly” had been using both the same font and the colour orange as easyGroup – clearly in a counterfeit way – with logos on both the aircraft fuselage and engine pods. The small two aircraft cargo operation (including an Airbus A300) is owned by a Mr Saber Chowdury.

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  • Mark Dixon’s Regus ordered by the High Court to pay £65,000 in costs over EASY branding dispute to Sir Stelios

    Posted on: 17 January 2019

    Sir Stelios Haji-Ioannou’s easyGroup, owner of the easy family of brands (, has today claimed a second important victory in its long running legal battle against various brand thieves. A week after its success against French supermarket giant Carrefour, easyGroup has now won an important battle against IWG PLC, the London Stock Exchange listed company that owns Regus and other “serviced office” brands, over its use of the “easyoffices” name.

    The High Court has now found in easyGroup’s favour and today ordered IWG to pay the sum of £65,000 in legal costs to easyGroup.

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  • French supermarket giant Carrefour backs down over EASY branding dispute with Sir Stelios

    Posted on: 09 January 2019

    Sir Stelios Haji-Ioannou’s easyGroup, owner of the easy family of brands, has today claimed a historic victory in its long-running legal battle with the French supermarket giant, Carrefour.

    Between 2014-6, the supermarket giant opened a number of “metro” format stores in Belgium using the orange colour in a font which resembles the easyGroup house style.

    Following legal action and representations from easyGroup’s lawyers, Carrefour has now rebranded these stores into their own house style – “Carrefour Express”.

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  • Another win! Opposition by easyGroup limited against EUTM EASY ON THE GO LOGO

    Posted on: 20 July 2017

    easyGroup filed an opposition against EU Trade Mark Application NO 016479024 EASY ON THE GO LOGO in Classes 35 and 38. The mark was written in orange. In response to our Notice of Opposition, the Applicant has withdrawn their application in its entirety.

  • Another victory to report for easyGroup!

    Posted on: 29 June 2017

    Opposition filed against the EU designation of international trade mark registration number 1318280 easyclean B logo made by Binz GmbH &apm; Co. KG.

    We’ve recently been informed by the European Union Intellectual Property Office that the international registration has been cancelled in its entirety. As a result, our opposition is considered to have been settled and will not proceed to judgement. The good news is that the brand thief, easyclean B mark will not be registered as an EU trademark.

  • eazi registration stops EAZI MOVE & Device

    Posted on: 06 June 2017

    The “EAZI MOVE & Device” trademark application was voluntarily withdrawn by its Applicant after a letter was sent by easyGroup informing them that it would be opposed.

    The existence of the eazi registration currently owned by easyGroup paired with the mark being used by the brand provided strong grounds for the successful challenge of the application.

  • easyGroup successfully acquires easyTech domains from brand thief

    Posted on: 05 June 2017

    easyGroup was successful in acquiring the domain names and from a brand thief who had previously registered them. The respondent was directed to transfer ownership of both domain names to easyGroup in conclusion.

    The successful grounds included:

    1. easyGroup has rights in respect of a name or mark which is identical or similar to the Domain Names
    2. in the hands of Kevin Adams the domain names were abusive registrations because:
      • easyGroup‘s mark has a reputation and the Respondent has no reasonable justification for having registered the Domain Names,
      • The Respondent is engaged in a pattern of registrations which correspond to well-known names or trademarks in which the Respondent has no apparent rights and that the Domain Names are part of that pattern,
      • The Respondent is using or threatening to use the Domain Names in a way which has confused or is likely to confuse people or businesses into believing that the Domain Names are registered to, operated by or authorised by, or otherwise connected with easyGroup,
    3. the Respondent has registered the Domain Names as blocking registrations in respect of the trademark “easyTech

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  • easy gains further ground in brand protection campaign

    Posted on: 01 June 2017

    Today lawyers acting for easyGroup have secured exclusive use of the following marks

    Applicant: EzyEducation Ltd
    Number Trademark Trademark Class
    3184139 EzyBusiness Class 41
    3184133 EzyMaths Class 41
    3184134 EzyScience Class 41
    3184141 EzyPhysics Class 41
    3184143 EzyChemistry Class 41
    3184144 EzyBiology Class 41

    after representatives of the applicant indicated that their client has agreed to withdraw their above UK applications in their entirety.

  • Another victory for easyGroup in stopping unauthorised use of the easy brand by people we call brand thieves: Opposition by easyGroup Limited against Benelux Trade Mark Application No. 1335904 EASYDRIVE in the name of Entreprise des Postes et Télécommunications

    Posted on: 20 January 2017

    The trade mark application for EASYDRIVE filed by brand thief Entreprise des Postes et Télécommunications has been successfully withdrawn subsequent to easyGroup‘s opposition.

    Our trade mark opposition has had an immediate effect without having to take matters any further as the brand thief has also removed their infringing website. Attached is an extract from the Benelux Register showing the withdrawal.

    easyGroup will always protect our business partners who have made a legitimate financial investment in our brand as part of their commercial strategy. We also protect the consumers who might confused by the brand thieves.

  • High Court closes down “Easyair” brand thieves

    Posted on: 19 October 2016

    A senior English judge has ordered Mr Uma Pinghapani to cease using the “Easyair” trademark and transfer all internet domain names and related material to easyGroup, the brand licensing company owned by easyJet founder Sir Stelios Haji-Ioannou. Under the terms of the order dated 12 October, failure to comply could result in imprisonment, summary fining or sequestration of assets.

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  • Reminder of easyGroup brand protection policy

    Posted on: 12 March 2012

    “The easyGroup takes its rights and responsibilities for the ‘easy‘ name very seriously. We will protect our business partners who have made a legitimate financial investment in the brand as part of their commercial strategy. It is simply unacceptable and unfair for others to use it as they please – free, gratis and for nothing.

    “The ‘easy‘ name is synonymous with quality, value for money services and we also have a duty to protect the public from its unauthorised use.”

    Gym name fight no Easy workout
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    Further easyGroup action to protect business partners from brand theft
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    Exercise firm rebrands in face of Easy battle
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  • Consumer warning about eeasybrokers

    Posted on: 25 September 2006

    Any members of the public who have paid money to a website called eeasybrokers (also known as Double Easy Brokers and Eeasy Brokers) for car insurance have unfortunately had their money stolen and are driving illegally.

    The eeasybrokers website was pretending to be part of the easyGroup and has been closed down. eeasybrokers took money from members of the public pretending that they were providing car insurance. The getup of their website was identical to that of which is the easyGroup owned business which provides car insurance in association with Zurich the global insurer. eeasybrokers also claimed that they were associated with Zurich Insurance but in fact it was not affiliated with Zurich Insurance in any way.

    As soon as the existence of eeasybrokers was discovered by the easyGroup and Zurich Insurance they were reported to the Financial Services Authority and their website was shut down.

    According the BBC website the FSA described eeasybrokers as “an illegal operation, a complete scam….designed to give the false impression that the business was linked to the financial services group run by the businessman Sir Stelios Haji-Ioannou.”

    The easyGroup regrets that members of the public have been cheated out of their money and will continue to protect its brand and the interests of consumers wherever possible.

    20 September 2006 – BBC news (Archive)

  • The easyGroup challenges the claims of the outfit run by Lenos Trattou

    Posted on: 02 July 2005

    …the self-styled “restaurant/winebar/takeaway business in North London,” and has asked the individual or individuals behind this outfit to justify the claims and dates which are being made in their attempts to rights in the use of the name ‘easy‘. The outfit run by Lenos Trattou has nothing to do with, the pizza delivery company founded by Stelios the serial entrepreneur and easyGroup chairman.

    The website set up by Lenos Trattou does no more than link through to Dominos Pizzas. The easyGroup finds this very strange since Lenos Trattou is claiming rights dating back several years and the fact that his website is doing no more than linking through to a competitor of is, to the easyGroup, a clear demonstration of bad faith. Lenos Trattou’s legitimate occupation seems to be running some kind of pub in North London.

    “The easyGroup has spent many years and tens of millions of pounds establishing a brand,” said Stelios, the founder of “We are duty bound to protect that brand and consumers who might be confused into thinking that a company using the ‘easy’ name is part of the easyGroup when, in fact, it is not. Being blackmailed into paying money to people who think they can sell us what is already rightfully ours is not an option,” he concluded.

  • Our right to protect our brand is being reinforced once again

    Posted on: 01 December 2004

    A business calling itself easyDrinks, at the foot steps of the High Court agrees never to use the easy brand again. This was a complete rip-off that I am sure has confused a lot of consumers that it was one of the 16 companies I have now started under the ‘easy‘ brand. I am glad they accepted their mistake at the eleventh hour and changed their name.

    Serial Entrepreneur and easyGroup Chairman

    ‘easyDrinks’ was set up in Birmingham (shop, marketing literature) selling low cost alcoholic drinks. easyDrinks was not a part of the easyGroup and yet it mimicked easyGroup‘s ‘get-up’ in its entirety, namely by using a lower case ‘e’, capital ‘D’, all in one word, white lettering on an orange background and the Cooper Black ‘fat’ font.

  • Another thief of the ‘easy‘ brand convicted in court

    Posted on: 01 November 2003

    The easyGroup has won another High Court action which it brought against an individual using the ‘easy’ name for its business. The defendant owned the ‘easy4car’ website and several others which the easyGroup claimed were passing off as easyGroup companies.

    Not only did the judge rule in favour of the easyGroup but he recognize the association between the easyGroup and companies trading in the ‘easy‘ name.

    “The (easyGroup) is a well-known company and has established… a good will to the use of the word “easy” in a particular context, that is to say it is used as part of a trading name…” he said.

    In his summary the judge recognized the commercial threat posed to the easyGroup by individuals or companies confusing consumers into believing that they have some association with the easyGroup.

    “There has been a misrepresentation by the Defendant in the use of the web sites. I am satisfied… that such actions were in fact done with the intention to deceive the public into believing that his web sites were associated with the (easyGroup‘s) business and that this might well have caused the (easyGroup) damage….” was his judgment. If there is any threat that a company might confuse consumers into believing that it is part of the easyGroup when it is not, the easyGroup is obliged to protect both itself and consumers at large.

    The defendant was ordered to hand all of his domain names over to the easyGroup and full costs of €19,000 were awarded against him.

  • It is lawful after all to stop people using the word easy as a prefix in naming their businesses

    Posted on: 01 September 2003

    easyGroup has just won two trademark cases where it had objected to applications made by other companies.

    A Spanish company called Ditesco had applied for a trademark called EASYMONEY but was refused registration by the European Office for Harmonization in the Internal Market in the services of “financial and monetary affairs, financial and insurance services, banking services.” easyGroup objected in order to protect one of the easyGroup companies, easyMoney, online financial services.

    North British Trust Hotels Limited applied for an EASYCOACH trademark which was refused by the UK Patent Office for the provision of tours and transport of passengers. easyGroup objected in order to protect one of its companies in incubation, easyBus.

    easyGroup has already registered the trademarks of EASYMONEY and EASYBUS and these registrations pre-date the applications by the above companies. In the case of Ditesco it is hoped that costs will be awarded to easyGroup and in the case of North British Trust Hotels £500 costs were awarded to easyGroup. easyGroup will continue to protect its brand wherever possible. If there is ever a chance that consumers could believe that a company using the name ‘easy’ is part of the easyGroup when this is not the case, then the easyGroup will move to protect both itself and consumers.