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Latest news

date: 31 October 2014

After cheap flights and hotels, now it's easyShop - The Daily Mail


"It will sell low-cost unbranded food in cheap locations aimed at people ‘on benefits’ and in .... read more

Guardian reviews easyFoodstore progress



Journalist Sean Farrell visited the Croydon mock-up store last week. Follow this link for his report. .... read more

Focus group trial of Croydon mock-up easyFoodstore to begin soon


With the "mock-up" easyFoodstore is nearing completion (see pics) the easyFoodstore team is to begin .... read more

easyHotel issues trading update



easyHotel, the budget hotel chain founded by Sir Stelios Haji-Ioannou has issued a pre-close statement to .... read more